Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The return of the ex's

So I have a big ex and it's not my ex-husband. I have an ex-boyfriend (well more than one, but i'm talking about only one so far). We've played this little breakup/back together game for 12 years. The last breakup was many many years ago (before I  met my husband). yet we seem to always come back to each other. We've been talking lately. We started chatting when things went seriously south with my friend. My ex knows me better than anyone I've met. I'm comfortable with him. It's nice. We've been talking, he's even visited a couple times (he lives out of town). Now I'm worried I'm getting involved. He's away working on site as a medic/cook and comes back next week. Just in time to take me for my birthday. I thought I had it all under control that I was being "cool as a cucumber". Until today, today he sent me a message that he was going to call and we would talk. I'm sitting there getting my hair done and all that goes through my head is "I'm getting dumped by a guy I'm not even dating... again (my friend kinda same thing)". Whoops. I think my cucumber just wilted. Cool my ass.

So question is, do I continue down a road with a guy where it didn't work any of the other multiple times we've tried in the past, hoping it would be better, or do I cut ties and run the other way as fast as possible before it blows up in my face atomic bomb style?

PS- remember when I said I have a type... the narcissistic sociopath, well he started that trend. He's had a lot happen in the last few years that have caused him to grow up, but do people really change?

Getting Jiggy with It

I came across this and had to share it. Two of my favorite things combined... its like Slurpee's and nacho chips...mmmm

who did it