Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Tuesday Thought

That's right a random Tuesday thought... will this become a regular thing? Not likely as I'm not good at regular things I find as soon as something becomes expected I no longer enjoy it but for this Tuesday anyways I have a random thought.

I once was told that the things we dislike in other people are the traits we dislike in ourselves. I've been thinking (which usually mean trouble as I tend to over-analyze things slightly on occasion). Why is it that I can forgive an  an old flame who did nothing but cheat on me and together we caused each other nothing but grief for 7 years, yet someone who I was involved with for only a few months I cannot stand and the thought of him, he makes me super angry. I don't want to say hate because I don't use that word but I strongly dislike.

So my random thought is do you think its true? That the things we dislike in others are the traits we dislike in ourselves?


Cari said...

Oh crap. No! You musn't over analyze here. Could be your feeling ran deeper for one than the other. Possibly because you weren't emotionally connected, I don't know; don't get me started girl, I could analyze with you all night long, and that isn't a good look for me. Sometimes yes we see a reflection of things we either do or do not like in other people, but that isn't who you are. We have all done shitty things in our lives, things we aren't proud of, but that doesn't mean that is who you are period. All experiences good or bad, we grow from {if we're lucky}, we decide our next step and keep on living. Don't make me come up there...I will. You know I like Canada.

Adventures of a Non-blogger said...

lol come on up anytime! And I agree. It isn't who I am. I was having an off day. :)

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