Sunday, December 19, 2010

The first step

How do you get a friend to take the first step to changing their lives?

I have a friend who's in a high stress place in his life. He started to make the changes but has lost momentum. He is now stuck in a holding pattern that is not good for his mental health.

Problem is the next few steps that he needs to take are going to suck. He needs to move, or at the very least pack his ex-fiances stuff up and make "their" house "his". He needs to break out of this pattern of work, sleep, work (even if it's just an hour at the driving range).

When I met him he was confident (you could even say cocky), positive, cheery, energetic and adventurous (and many more things). Those wonderful traits have been dulled down. His confidence is waning, his positivity is next to nill, he has become totally hard on himself. Even when he does something amazing (like quit smoking) he finds something else to beat himself up about. To get him out to do anything is impossible. I've stop asking because I'm tired of being turned down.

Any suggestions would be great as I'm beyond worried about the path he his heading down.

Honestly I don't know what to do. Suggestions would be wonderful please :)


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