Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Internet Dating and I are not friends

So I joined an internet dating site. More out of boredom than anything. I don't want to date, I don't even want to meet anyone but when my son is sleeping it would be nice to chat with some adults. So upon the advice of friends I joined a dating site.

For those of you who have never been on one it's like shopping for men. You pick your age, location and click on pictures to read their resumes. For me it's like a social experiment, some sarcastic remark comes to mind with about 99% of the pic I see. I've even thought about putting up a set of rules for people who can talk to me:

1) if you are over 40 don't bother

2) if any of your pics contain the following: wife beater, no shirt, you flexing your muscles (or lack thereof) again don't bother

3) if you try to come across as deep and insightful and say you're funny don't bother (everyone thinks they're funny in their own way)

My sarcasm or wit as I like to refer to it seems to just offend people (not that I've talked to many).

It has taught me a couple of things though. That I am a face to face girl. My personality does not come across through a couple meaningless emails, you need to hear my tone, see my expressions to really understand what I'm saying, to get me. That and just how much I miss my friend.


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