Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Sew-igasim

Sorry for anyone I've offended with my new phrase but I swear I had one the other day. Let me explain.

My old sewing machine crapped out. It was cheap but still I've only had it for 3 years. I was kinda "upset" especially since I had just finished cutting and pinning a whole pile of clothes to take in and the such. Finally I get the time to ask how much it'll cost to get fixed... $150.00!!! Minimum. What?!? I don't think I even spent $150.00 on the machine.

So now I'm in a pickle. Do I really sew enough to warrant getting a good machine or do I just buy another cheapo and cross my fingers. I'm talking to my friends we're weighing the pros and cons, finally I call the one, the only, the lady who knows it all, mom.

She says suck it up buy the good machine. So I do.

Monkey and I go off to the dealer and look at different models, makes, ask questions (yes it is like buying a car). We decide on one, swipe goes the visa (ug...) and home we go. He "helps" me set it up.. oh I'm so excited now. I run to grab some scrap material, I'm giggling now. My son is looking at me like I'm nuts. I thread the machine plug it in, place my foot on the pedal... vroom!!! OMG!!! Yes, sew-gasim. So quiet, so smooth. so amazing (yes I know it sounds like a car). I never knew sewing could be this great!

I'm now plowing through projects, not worried that I'm going to wake monkey up while he's napping from the noise. In retrospect I'm glad I had a beater and clunker to start because it has sure made me appreciate this little SUV I've now obtained.

Moral of the story, yes buy the cheaper to start if you're learning but upgrade once you can and wow!!! You'll never look back.


Cari said...

I can't sew, don't know how, not really intrigued by it. Pretty much every other crafting hobby I'm all in.

I have heard all the pros and cons of the good machines out there, when my daughter was in gymnastics another Mommy was trying to bring me over to the dark side of sewing. Every week she'd ask, "did you buy a sewing machine?". It got so bad I had to start doing some grocery shopping during that 45 minutes...

Enjoy girl!

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