Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello World I"m back.. well today

Hey folks,

Just a little note that say I'm still alive and kicking. Well mostly (other than the sniffles). I've been super busy finally moving into my place (i've only been here since August... I'm slow). I've finally sifted through all the stuff I threw into closest (holy crap... how I have so much shit is beyond me) and organized (to the best of my unorganized abilities) and even put up some pictures! Wow! It's like me and my munchkin actually live here now.

I was hoping to be able to put up some pictures of my various attempts at being crafty but no such luck as everything is 1/2 done (and I'm being generous). I finally got the curtains all ready to go for my son's room (they've been sitting on my sewing table for 2 months) only to discover that my sewing machine has crapped out, munchkin and I painted canvases to get things to put up in the kitchen only to find out the I bought the wrong size canvas. I even managed to bungle up the slippers I was making. People I'm on a roll.

One day many moons from now I will hopefully finish them all. One day... until then its imaginary online shopping (ohh shoes..... I've found more! Even bought some... shit I have to go pick them up any idea how long post offices will hold things for? Lets hope more than a month... oops) Like I said roll people! I'm on a roll!

But all in all I'm enjoying everything. Even my soon-to-be-ex is being, dare I say, nice. (jinx?)

Yay! Go me. Anyways like I said just rambling to say I'm still alive and kicking. Kicking big and kicking hard! And loving every minute!

Peace out peeps! (ha ha I'm hilarious!)


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