Thursday, June 23, 2011

and next a new bag

Ok disclaimer for this one. I needed a spring bag... actually I needed a bag period. Had some old fabric left around the house so decided to design and make one. The fabric is a little bright for me but it holds my shit which is better than pockets stuffed full. As with most things its not even close to what I envisioned bc I had to fix some mistakes. But, as usual I learned alot and the next one will have less mistakes and look more like I envisioned. Its a learning process people. :)

And my son. The best helper ever. here is a picture of my house (that was clean when we started) after "we" made the bag. 

I can't remember how he ended up naked, he tends to take his clothes off. Lol.


Cari said...

Cute bag friend! My son is notorious for nakedness as well. Boys? Cute.

Adventures of a non-blogger said...

Thanks cari. I'm working on another one that I'm excited about. Hopefully it will work. I'll post it once I'm done. Its black and giraffe print!

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