Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What doesn't kill you...

I write this in appreciation of one of the toughest gals I know. My mom.

Yesterday was a big day. It was my moms final chemo treatment. In 3 weeks we are hopefully throwing a no more chemo party (once she is all rested and feeling better). Last November, on top of my separation hitting a rather nasty bump, the manfriend of the moment falling off the face of the planet and my companies revenues basically going down the toilet my mother was diagnosed with the big c. Breast Cancer. It was not a good day, week, month or few months in my family. It was tough.

Now 2 surgeries, 6 chemo treatments and 8 months later we are on to the next step radiation. Yay!!!!

Mom, you are amazing and I told you if living with dad for 35 years hasn't killed you, nothing will.


Cari said...

You are amazing girlie! You and your Mama are in my prayers:)

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