Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No sleep for the blogger.

So here I am it's 12:34 am. I am so tired I can barley see but I can't seem to put away my computer.

My first blog. The pressure. What do I write about? Must have witty title. Fail 2 for 2. Oh well.

As I have stated this is my first blog ever. That's right people FIRST ONE EVER. I know where have I been? Welcome to the 21st century. I do feel though that my blog should come with a warning. Actually a few warnings. First my typing sucks. Funny for someone who spends a lot of time at a computer my typing is really bad and spell check does not always catch everything. So I apologize ahead for any errors. Not only does my spelling suck but so does my grammar, again apologies.

I am not overly funny, I really am not well written but, I am honest. I swear I can't lie. My mother still laughs at me to this day and loves telling stories of my pathetic lying attempts as a kid "she would go red and stutter". So I gave up, honesty is the best policy any ways I don't have the memory or energy to keep track of lies.

I decided to start this for 2 reasons. One was to see what the fuss was about. I will admit I'm having fun setting this all up. I like learning new things. Second was to give me an outlet to write about my days, a diary. I have never really kept one. I am more the sporadic writer, not always making sense (I once covered an airplane barf bag with just the words fuck you all over it, I was a little angry... can you swear on here? Guess I"ll find out). I'm not expecting anyone to read this or follow this but if you are and you do thanks! Nice seeing you.

Well I've rambled enough and really it is time for me to sleep. So I will sign off for the night and say welcome to my blog "the adventures of the non blogger".



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