Sunday, September 27, 2009

1 year old well almost

Everyone tells you that the first year after you have a baby goes fast so enjoy it. You respond the same way you do to all unsolicited advice.. ya ya I know. But holy shit you have no idea. Fast is an understatement. It's more like a blink. 

Just under a year ago I was screaming in the delivery room that I can't do this make it stop (ha ha I'm such a wuss) and then I blinked. Now I have a little walking man, with personality, emotions, wants. Wow. Already he doesn't want to be cuddled as much. Already he won't do things if they are too babyish for him. 

The bath was a prime example. One day he started screaming bloody murder when I went to give him a bath. It was totally out of the blue. The night before he was giggling and splashing, loving his bath. The next night I went to put him in his little chair in the tub and it sounded like I was torturing him. This went on for about a week. I ended up taking baths with him or my hubby would take him in the shower because then he wouldn't scream. Then genius struck and I tried putting him in the tub without the baby seat. No problem. Not even a whimper. He was back to splashing and giggling. I have racked my brain and the only answer I can come up with is he had outgrown his baby seat. That is just one example, of many, of how he is growing up. 

I'm sure the next time I blink he will be 16 and on his way out with the car while I give whatever tramp he is with the stink eye from the living room. How will I convince him to cuddle up with me then? Will I still be the center of his world?

No one ever tells you about how hard it is to be the one watching your kids grow up. Good god, listen to me after 11 months... wait until he actually turns 16.


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