Monday, October 26, 2009

The parental 180

Its funny how much things change. How the things I thought I'd do are not an option and things I swore I would never do are now a staple in my life.

When my husband and I first got pregnant we had the talks. The spanking talk, the co-sleeping talk, breast-feeding talks etc. We agreed on everything. We both believed in spanking (let me clarify that this is not beating on your child but a tap on the bum when they are unruly). Co-sleeping was not an option not only were we scared we would roll onto Boomers in our sleep but we didn't want to give up our bed.

Then Booms arrived and everything changed. I discovered how great it was to be able to sleep and feed in bed, then he got sick and could only sleep mostly upright then something else happened and to be honest we miss him on the rare occasion he does sleep in his crib. Now starting next month, 1 year later, we are going to start weaning him out of our bed and into his own, only because space is tight and he is a busy sleeper we will both miss waking up with him there.

Spanking went out the window pretty quick.  All he learns is anger = hitting. I tried explaining this to my mother (who spanked all her kids) and told her not to spank him. Then she did it one day. I got mad and re-explained our reasons. The very next day my little man proved my point to my mother. He walked into the stove got mad and hit it. We went from "what's wrong with kids today is they weren't spanked... to "we do not hit our children".  There we are doing a complete 180.

These are just 2 example of how things are so totally different from we thought.

How WE are so totally different from what we were.


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