Friday, October 9, 2009

They teach you too! Who knew?!

Learning from my child. Never for one second did I think I knew it all but I was pretty sure I had my shit together. Then I had a little boy. Not only did I realize fast that I knew NOTHING but I most defiantly did not have my shit together and what I did have together was blown apart. He has turned my life upside down, inside out and backwards. And I love it (most of the time).

I figured you had kids and you teach them how to be a better person than you are. Teach them morals and good values. Love, respect etc but I never thought about how much he would teach me. My monkey turns 1 year soon and in an amazingly short time he has not only taught me things about myself (like just how little sleep I need over an extended period of time), but he has taught me new ways to view the world. A tree is not a tree it is this amazing curiosity, grass, rocks, other people are all things to meet and explore. He also is making me a better person. My please and thank yous are through the roof! My swearing is down. Patience is at an all-time high (if it were a muscle I would be Hercules!). Hell, my husband even used the word frick today on the phone. I almost thought I misheard him.

This is a by-product of parenting I never expected, but will love and enjoy it while we stop at every rock, inspect the 10 millionth pine cone (deep breath) and wave at everyone around us.


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