Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I love the comma, it has all sorts of great uses. I'm sure I use it wrong all the time to create the worlds longest sentences, separated with multiple commas.

I've realized with all this writing (I'm still not used to the word blog, or blogging) just how much I use the comma. Now I know I am the furthest thing from an English major but I try, a little.

I'm sure that everyone has their favourite punctuation mark. The exclamation mark is fun, it gets it point across! and the question mark, well he's a curious little devil. But the comma, he's quiet, he's reserved, he sits there hanging onto the bottom of the line. Reminding you to pause, take a breath and enjoy the rest of your sentence.

That's all. Just wanted to pay my respect to the comma.


Cari said...

{} my fave, if you haven't noticed. My english teacher would have my blog marked up in red pen so badly it would make your eyes bleed. Eh, I have to write how a I talk, does that make sense? Even scarier I know.

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