Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Date?

So I have a date, actually maybe two.

Turns out internet dating wasn't quite ready to let me go. I talked to a total of 4 people that I didn't already know. Three of them asked me out. One is never going to happen, the other cancelled last minute and the third well that ones still up in the air. I go to close my account and one guy asked me out basically the same day, my friends have convinced me to get the hell out of my house and get some adult time on one of the two nights my son is with his dad. So I figure why not break every rule I have and send this guy my number while telling him that I'm cancelling my account. Almost the next day a guy I was supposed to meet with a few weeks back emails me (we hadn't gotten to the phone number exchange part... I'm slow). We chatted abit on MSN and now we're meeting for a drink (well dinner bc I'll be starving and seriously who doesn't eat.... mmm food).

Here's my thing, or things plural because there are more than one. I'm only going to get out, maybe have some interesting conversation, do something other than crochet (yes I crochet... I'll post some goodies eventually) and work when I don't have the monkey. Problem is I haven't been on a date with a stranger in a very long time, 4 maybe 5 years. Is it like riding a bike? Or will I be rusty and need some WD40 (wait maybe that's why you just drink no food it's like dating WD40... grease the wheels). I'm not scared of it being horrible, or me making a fool of myself (I do that basically daily anyways) I can't deiced if I'm more scared of going out, having fun and not missing my friend (because it means I'm past what was/could have been great) or going out and turning into a total wreck because I'll miss him more. Kinda feel like it could go either way, flip a coin woman and decide!

Guess we'll find out. To be honest I have a feeling the first guy will be a story either way, he seems to just have a story worthy personality. lol. But, hell what isn't a story in my life.


Cari said...

Good luck, I've dated just one guy since my divorce and he was great. Um not seeing him anymore though. I have to say, for me it was like being 16 all.over.again. But he was new to the scene as well, which helped. Just be yourself and don't have ANY expectations (standards, yes). Enjoy, can't wait to hear about it!

Adventures of a non-blogger said...

I have seen one person since my separation but he was a friend so dates were never really like dates, and it blew up in my face atomic bomb style.

This one should be entertaining one way or the other. Lol.

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