Thursday, March 31, 2011

Date? What date?

So I was supposed to have a date. My first date with a stranger since I met my almost-ex years ago. I promised a story, and I was looking forward to a story but I have none. Why you ask? Because it never happened. Lol

Here's the long, short version of it. Maybe someone can tell me if this is normal and if this is what I should expect. Lol

First the day before I sent a text confirming (I'm type A I confirm, deal with it :)). Basically 10 hours later he gets back to me, "Ya sure, what time we'd say again? 7pm?". Wow can this guy contain his excitement anymore! I replied we said 4:30 as per his request, we agree to move it to 7. Done, and off to bed I go.

I wake up in the morning and start taking bets. The day is divided into 2 hours windows until 4pm and they can bet when he will cancel. We hit 3:45, ding! I have a text. He's asking to postpone till the next day, cause he has to work till 7. I can't stop laughing. I say no, text me when you're done work and if I'm up for it we can meet then. When he does finally text (almost 8:30) I'm on my way to meet friends. He's willing to wait up, I say its fine and we resched for the next day. Same time, same place. Done, and off to bed I go.

Get up in the am and don't feel the need to take any bets (which I won by the way). Cause seriously this would be the third time he'd cancel and no-one can be that flaky. Ha, ha. I'm funny. Day goes by without a hitch. 3:30 pm Bing! I have a text. He's just been called for a job gotta go can we meet up later when he's done. I ask him to "define later". His reply 12ish, maybe later. Huh?!? What? Doesn't he know that its a "school" night. Who meets for a drink at midnight?

Bing! Light bulb! He's not thinking drinks, did I seriously just get booty called by someone who hasn't even met me? Now I can't stop laughing! The tears are flowing! On one hand, flattering on the other wft! I reply with no, obviously it wasn't meant to be and good luck with everything. Done, and home I go.

Needless to say, I have heard nothing more.

So that is one of the Internet guys down. Lets see if the other one is any better, seriously I only think we can go up from here. But, who knows I've been surprised before. Lol

I'm really glad I closed my account before I accepted more dates than these two. Lol.


Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

Dating sucks! I have had a number of first dates most of them not good. Seems around here the normal is no teeth, felonies, domestic violence charges oh and don't forget 3 kids+! I think I give up for awhile myself cause maybe single isn't so bad after all!

Amy said...

Ugh yuck!!! I sincerely hope my dating days are over. Good luck out there!!

Cari said...

Seriously? Good for you though. Glad you didn't have to waste your time on him.

Anonymous said...

Way to pick 'em. Glad that you had enough sense to know what a waste of time he was.
love ya

Starthrower said...

Oh! You will absolutely hate me because on a fluke, persuaded by friends, love the friends!, I joined a site. Emailed a guy, freaked out minutes later,hid my profile, got an email from the guy asking where my profile was, I put it up for him for a 10 minute window of time and told him to get back to me if he was interested...the rest is my blog and experience with TH. It was a freaking fluke and even though he is a marvelous man there are issues and I have no desire at this point to go through what seems to "usually" happens online. ugh!

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