Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Search for the Impossible, New Clothes!

So I'm on a hunt for great clothes and even better shoes. With all the options out there it should be a simple task right?


My taste in clothing and shoes has always been slightly different. Not bad just different, ever so slightly (ha, ha I'm hilarious!). I used to have some great pieces and a wonderful collection of shoes. However, during the last few years it's dwindled. Now I'm left with very little and I'm hoping to expand my wardrobe.

I'm slowly finding bits and pieces here and there and I just have to share one website, specifically two brands from the site that I am now obsessed with! Heartbreaker (a dress of theirs is pictured) and Iron Fist shoes (to be posted later). These are not the only things I love from this site but they are for sure at the top of my purchase list!

The site is absolutely amazing!!!

My new dress... no it's not me in the picture.

Check it out!!! If you have any other suggestions to look for new clothes I'd love to hear them!!! I love finding new stuff!!!


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