Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Impulsive or Genius?

I can be a rather impulsive person on occasion. I can also agonize about things as well. Really it depends on my mood, the alignment of planets, the tides and maybe what I had for lunch.

In November, in what I thought was the muck of my life (ha, ha says fate you were wrong). I got a tattoo.

Now I've always wanted one but just been to chicken to get one. So that day I was attending meetings off site and close to my house. My meetings finished early. However, it was useless to go to the office because I'd have to leave pretty quick after I arrived to go pick up my son at my in laws. However, I was way too early to pick him up from my in laws so I had a couple hours to kill. I started to wonder. I wondered my ass right into a tattoo parlor. Asked about a phrase that had popped onto my head a few days earlier. Guy told me it'd be $80.00." Thank you very much I'll call you"

Apparently by "calling you" I meant walk out the door, turn around, and walk back in and get it done. Poor guy spent 45 minutes with me trying to figure out a font for my 3 words. 45 MIN! He copies it onto the transfer paper and is just about to put it on my wrist when.. "STOP!! Wait, can we use this instead?" I can only imagine what's going through this guys head as I hand him the original piece of paper that I used to write out my 3 words on almost an hour ago.

He was wonderful and amazing and used my words in my writing and took less that 10 minutes to tattoo my phrase on my wrist.

So I ask, impulsive? Yes. But also genius... my gut knew what I needed that day and I'll tell you I have no regrets. My inner left wrist is a constant reminder of things I lost once and will hold on to for the rest of my life as hard as possible. Also the phrase is what I want my son to know me as, to live life as, to strive to always achieve.

Now I have one, I realized not only did I get it to remind myself never to lose those things again, but also  to regain myself. I gave up alot over the last few years of who I was and I'm slowly getting it back. I just put all my earrings back in and also put my tongue stud back too (my soon-to-be-ex hated my piercings and never returned my jewelry after labour). These things are superficial but they were part of who I was for years prior to my relationship. It's fun rediscovering yourself.

What are my 3 words, the 3 words that I hold so close to me that they are now tattoo over a major artery.

Thank you pottery barn :)


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