Friday, March 11, 2011

Murphys Law and...

Murphy and Fate, the great wish granter, like to play games with me.

So much so that it's become almost comical, my life that is.

One day I wished to run into my friend just to see him, see how he's doing. That day we ran into each other 5 times, at least. You could say that fate listened and said "here you go baby". Not what I was hoping for, once maybe twice, just a quick walk by. But Fate did grant my wish, in full force just not in the way I wanted. It's like when I buy a lottery ticket, Fate grants my wish, I won a free ticket! Not exactly what I was hoping for (50 million would have been a little more help).

Murphy steps in when Fate is on vacation. After seeing him 5 times I need a breather. So Murphy steps in and decides that I now have to retrain most of my staff one by one at a location that is right beside where he is working. This wouldn't seem to be such a big deal except that this location requires security clearance and the only reason myself or my staff are there are to get to this room specifically. This week of all weeks (one of the only 2 he is working in that area) I find out that no one is checking this room and they need to be retrained immediately. Meaning one by one I have to parade my staff right by his site to the room almost directly beside it. Could I have put it off for a week? Possibly but there are so many projects on the go I need to do things as they come up or they never get done.

So is it just me? Do Fate and Murphy have it out for me or does this happen to everyone?


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