Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Everyones got a type, right?

So here's a random dating question.

What would you say is your type?

I used to think mine was the skateboarding, rough around the edges, blue collar worker. Now I have realized that it is alot more complex than that. I have realized that I date the same guy over and over. After analyzing (something I've been doing ALOT of) I've realized that my "type" per-say (I'm basing this on the people I have fallen head over heals in love with not everyone I've dated) is the narcissistic, sociopath who needs saving and likely has daddy issues. Throw in a past drug problem and/or an illegitimate child or two and I'm yours baby! You'd think that this applies to one of my ex's but in reality it applies to all of them. ALL OF THEM! Geesh.

Hmm... wonder what that says about me? I'm going to say that opposites attract, not like attracts like (ie I'm a mess so I attract a mess).

Time to change people! Yay!


Cari said...

Maybe sociopaths are way more fun? Don't know never dated one, was married to manipulative compulsive liar though.

Now that I have kiddos, I find that I am most attracted to people with a kind heart. I might have been known to follow the guy who tossed a 20 dollar bill into the salvation army bucket around the grocery store;) Still, there has to be some level of physical attraction too, and there in lies the danger.

I'd say you've made a HUGE step in identifing and being aware of the narcissitic sociopath tendancies though. Good luck~

ps-Giving you a shout out on my blog post tomorrow, I'm spreading some blog love around....

Amy said...

My husband is not someone I ever thought I'd go for. I met him online through a mutual friend and he fell in love with me that way. I did not. Finally he convinced me to meet him and it was love at first sight, not even kidding. My family tells me all the time he is not someone they ever pictured me with, he is so not my type. But I love him and he is amazing. You have to keep your mind open as well as your heart. Sometimes the last person you'd expect is the one who will make you the happiest.

Adventures of a non-blogger said...

cari- its true. I find now having a munchkin my first thought is "he;s cute" second is "is he worthy of my son" Sadly I'm finding that more often than not the answer is no. lol.

amy - I have had so many people say that. It's always the last person you'd expect. Someone you'd never go for.

I'm just going to go on. Weed through them one at a time. The best thing I've learned is that I am a fully self sufficent awesome person who is quite capable of looking after myself (batteries included).

Oh did I mention I'm hilarious!

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