Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random... few of my favourite things

So I had one of those days. One where you get up in the morning and before you've even thought about coffee somethings gone wrong. Today some of my lighter moments where smashing my finger, dropping my phone, stabbing myself in the gum with a fork (apparently I was over excited to eat my poutine... mmm gravy), oh 3 hours trying to get my phone switched to a bb, and there's more, that's just the fun stuff.

Funny part is I couldn't stop laughing all day. I love those days! When everything goes to shit and all you can do is laugh, and laugh and laugh. The cell phone help people thought I was nuts! Finishing up my first hour on the phone with them I was almost in tears just laughing so hard.

It got me thinking about why everything was so funny. It was a cold, rainy, shitty day, so it wasn't the weather. I did not win a free coffee (but i did win the chance to play again) nor did anything go right for most of the day. Then when something else happened I noticed, there it was. A fleeting thought of one of my favourite things and I'd smile, then laugh.

So here is the beginning of my list. My list of favorite things... its not going to be a small list because I like most things. And I'll likely add to it so I can always remember, feel free to add your own.

- the smell of a spring rain
- the smell of snow
- snow
- my sons laugh, his "that's funny laugh" and his full on deep belly giggles
- almost everything my son does
- the curious george band aid i put on my broken phone
- silly walks
- silly runs (like fibi from friends)
- when you let someone in while driving and they wave
- simple kindnesses
- discovering someone, i mean when you first meet someone and you learn about them, who they are     what makes them tick etc
- the beach on a stormy day
- dandelions (my favorite flower)
- when my son uses my phrases against me... no mommy you can't talk to me that way
- impromptu road trips
- a shower after a long dirty day
- chatting with strangers, but like the joking around lots of laughs with the clerk at the store etc.
- getting a true smile from anyone
- the fact that spell check thinks I spelled poutine wrong lol.

Oh now I'm thinking so hard about it all my happy thoughts have run and hid. Lol. I'll add more later. Hope it reminds you guys of your happy thoughts and makes you smile!


Amy said...

Love this post :)

Cari said...

Good list! I am a waver in the car if someone lets me in, isn't that protocol. Seems like most people don't do it and I think it's just a nice way of saying, "hey thanks for letting me in instead of making sure I don't so you can get home 2 seconds faster than me". Oh and blogger spell check, always good for a laugh:)

Adventures of a non-blogger said...

oh i forgot one!

The tackle hug... the run, scream, and jump! especially to strangers! (ok maybe not complete strangers)

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