Tuesday, April 5, 2011


No matter where you are this sound makes your heart stop, stomache curl, the "oh shit" pops into your head and sometimes you're scared to look.

Here was todays "thud" moment

My only phone. I have no house phone, no office phone. Its is litterally my lifeline for my job and personal life. Oops. Fell out of my pocket and landed face flat on the floor... thud.

I will admit, its a rather impressive smash. This one gone for "trips" before, across rooms, gliding gracefully across many a tile floor, hell my last phone went for a swim. All in all I've been impressed with the durability of my iPhone. However the one thing it doesn't survive apparently is a direct drop onto the floor... thud. I picked the sucker up inspected, its still works so in true genius fashion fixed it!


Amy said...

Ugh that sucks!!!! But lol at the band aid!

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