Monday, April 11, 2011

Waving Good-bye to the Baby

I have the coolest little man. This is not an expression of love, not a mother making a statement.

This is fact!

I have a 2 1/2 year old monkey. He is beyond awesome. So awesome in fact that he potty trained himself. People ask me how I did it, my reply is simple, by accident.

One day we had an early bath, I didn't bother putting a diaper back on him. Let him run around naked, be free little one! He grabbed his potty that has been sitting in the bathroom for 8 months, brought it out to the living room and pee'd in it. After huge high fives, and a whole lot of dancing around the house I figured it was a one off. No pressure, I wasn't worried everyone tells me boys normally are trained around 3 or 4. I figure, it's laminate, if he pees on the floor I'll just clean it up, so, I left his diaper off and again he stops mid play and runs to the potty. Then he went to his dad's for a few days. Dad says same thing. No more diapers. We are officially potty trained. (well mostly, there are still accidents but hell I can barely sneeze without peeing a little and I've been house broken for years)

Now this is only one example. I could go on and on. I was really sick with the flu the other day, while my head was hanging in the toilet trying not to die, waiting for my inlaws to pick up my son, he was bringing me carrots and juice from the fridge, rubbing my back telling me to eat it'll make me feel better. He says please and thank you for everything, always asks before he takes or does anything.

He's a little man. I have no idea when he changed but my baby is long gone. Now I have a little house broken man.

I couldn't be prouder, and more terrified of how fast time goes by.


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Cari said...

Doesn't that just make you so proud? Really, you should take some are his Momma! My kid's were the same way with potty training, they just did it and it took like a day. Must be genetic or something. Hope you're feeling better, flu sucks!!!!!!!

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